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GOOD BETTER & BEST Never let it rest, until your good is better & your better is best!

GOOD BETTER & BEST Never let it rest, until your good is better & your better is best!


Accepting a position on a team requires each participant to accept the responsibilities of becoming a true student athlete, a productive team – member, a credible citizen, an ambassador of sportsmanship, and positive representative of University City Sports Association.


All participants must follow the policies of USA Football & MSHSAA (Missouri State High School Activities Association).  The teams and coaches will also have expectations and policies for every participant. There are NO guarantees awarded to members when disassociation occurs. 


Participants must meet all standards placed on them by University City Sports Association to obtain the continued privilege of participation.  If a student athlete does not meet these requirements, violates any policies or procedures, or displays questionable citizenship or sportsmanship, they will face consequences up to suspension or dismissal. 


General Code of Conduct

  •         Students Athletes must meet all standards set by MSHSAA, including but not limited to: eligibility academic standing, school attendance, citizenship, sportsmanship and amateurism. 
  •         Students must strive to be a positive citizen and role model on and off the playing field. 
  •         Students must strive to reach a High Athletic Academic Standard in order to participate.  Students must be making continuous academic progress and meet a minimum required (2.0) GPA to participate. 
  •         Students Athletes must respect the equipment and facilities at all times.  This includes the buildings, courts, fields, locker rooms, busses, equipment, uniforms and hotels.  All items must be returned in acceptable condition immediately following the season to avoid fines. ($300.00) 


Information on Illegal Infractions

The use of illegal or banned substances, alcohol, tobacco, or performance enhancing drugs the misuse or abuse of prescription drugs, is considered a violation of University City Sports Associations’ Code of Ethics.


  •         First Offense:  Parent will be notified and the athlete will be suspended indefinitely.


MSHSAA Policy on Illegal Infractions:  A student who is under arrest and / or found guilty for a municipal ordinance violation, misdemeanor, or felony will be suspended from all competition and will remain ineligible until their judgment is satisfied according to the court system and public law.  Student Athletes are required to report all infractions of this policy to their University City Sports Association Coach IMMEADIATELY.


University City Sports Association


Student athletes should never do anything that will have an adverse effect on their ability to perform academically or athletically. Participants must never do anything to embarrass or create an unfavorable impression of themselves, team, community, family or school. 


Remember the conduct of all participants is closely observed in many areas of life; on the field, in the classroom and in the community. Take pride in yourself, your team and school. You should always project a positive image and always represent proudly. Winning or losing is not as important as your reaction to outcomes. Your reaction is what people will associate with your character. You should always be gracious in defeat and modest in victory (this includes parents).


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